10 Fool-Proof Ways to Win Government Contracts

Winning government contracts is the best thing that can happen to your company. This presents a very lucrative opportunity for your business to move forward and be one of the sought after providers for any project that may come. The US government supposedly has more than 700 B USD allotted for any government procurement project. This is the main reason why government contracts are very enticing to entrepreneurs, big or small.

What do you have to know and do to win government contracts? Is it really that complicated to catch the attention of the government agencies? Would you really be too overwhelmed by all the requirements that you have to submit? Anyone could admit that government contracting is a very complex and meticulous process to focus on. From the moment you decide to get into government contracting and decide to win government contracts, you have already devoted your business into achieving its best level of service and production.

The Fool-Proof Ways

Over and over again, various companies have stated that they were successful in winning government contracts because they really magnified every step that they did from start to finish. This works but how do you really do it? Read on and find out:

1. Attend gatherings

One fool-proof way to win government contracts is to attend gatherings related to the subject matter. It is no secret that there are many organizations that hold seminars, conferences, expos, and conventions that discuss government contracting. They aim to help you gain the opportunity to strut your stuff in the world of government procurement. The rewards that your business will reap after delivering successfully to the government agency will be worth all the laborious undertakings that you have done from the very start. If you always do this, your company will be matched well with the government agency that has the project at hand.

2. Know the SBA

It is vital for you to really be well-versed with the SBA (Small Business Administration). This is a group that is willing and able to help you go through the tedious process of winning government contracts. They have a ready-made guide and FAQ sections for every small business that would like to venture in government procurement. SBA could really help you even if you are a disadvantaged entrepreneur.

3. Check out trusted sites

There are so many sites available to help you get started with government contracting. There are so many of them now but look for the ones that will give you updates and alerts on lucrative procurement opportunities. It doesn’t hurt to be online every time so that you may be able to know what the latest projects are that may fit your company’s credentials.

4. PTACs and SBDCs

Consult the PTACs (Procurement Technical Assistance Centers) in your area. This is a large network of professionals that know all about procurement. They are dispersed all over the country so wherever you may be, there are people to answer your questions in winning government contracts. They only charge minimal or sometimes, even give their services for free. SBDCs (Small Business Development Centers) also give this kind of service to business owners like you. These two assistance centers will definitely help you win government contracts.

5. CCR

Another way of winning government contracts is to make sure that you are registered under CCR or the Central Contractor Registration. Don’t EVER forget this if you want to be included in the list of prospective government procurement contractors. This should be done way before you even bid. Just go the CCR site and know the requirements that you have to submit for registration.


Be familiar with SBEC (Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council) is you want to have a chance at government contracting. They offer a podcast that you can listen to so you could find out the experience of one entrepreneur in winning government contracts. It is a valuable thing to know so that you may learn and even think of better ways to improve your business.

7. Never tire for data

If you really want to win government contracts, then you should look for all possible helpful information that you need to have. You could call the government agency that sent the bid invitation and ask them directly what they need. This way, you will have an idea if your company is really capable of competing for the contract. Research on the agency as well or other projects that they may have funded in the past so you know how they are when it comes to procurement. There is always room for new and relevant information that will help you get that will help you get government contracts.

8. Ask successful companies

There will always be those successful companies that have had the chance to prove themselves in government procurement. Winning government contracts may be a highly competitive endeavor but there is no harm in seeking knowledge from those who know a lot more.

9. Work with experienced contractors

Experienced contractors in the field of government contracting could also help provide additional useful information that you can use to help you win government contracts. They could also give you strategies to really help you get ahead of the others in your area of expertise. It is humbling to ask them and this makes you a better business owner because this reminds you that you have also started from the bottom, upwards.

10. Base priority

Never forget that you should use the resources to your company’s advantage. To win government contracts, you should also think of what your business will get from the venture. But still, you have to make sure that you will still exhibit your best even at high demand. The prices that you offer should not compromise the quality and the reputation of your products and services.

Government contracting is a methodical and strategic venture. Be sure that you are fully prepared and absolutely aware at all times. You’ll never know when your day is coming so you might as well put your the best of your best into it.

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