Applying for Government Contracts: What You Need to Know

Applying for Government ContractsA lot of factors go into the process of successfully acquiring government contracts. The rate of the bid is just one aspect. Marketing one’s services to the government is just like selling to regular buyers. The strategies and principles are the same. As a customer, the government seeks assurance not only that the services and products it will receive are satisfactory in terms of quality and price but delivered at the right time as well.


Some government entities require companies to fill out a questionnaire for their government contracts database regarding the business’ background, financial status and its incorporators or owners. A background investigation is also conducted of applicants for government contracts concerning the tax records and criminal history of companies and their owners, and these pieces of information are stored in the government contracts database prior to approval. The government contracts database also holds basic information reflecting a company’s qualifications and competence. To ensure that company information is always updated in the government contracts database, registration is usually done annually.

It is incumbent upon a company to do its homework before it starts to embark on an application for government contracts. The Request for Proposal of RFP does not contain every requirement or detail. Cost or price is one of the most important factors, and the company should consult financial experts and research published budgets to have a working knowledge of the proper pricing for a particular type of project.

One of the most important things to remember is to adhere strictly to the requirements stated by government contracts. It is generally understood that a company’s capability to follow and adhere to instructions is looked upon as its capability to fulfill the specifications of government contracts. On the other hand, it is not necessarily advantageous to go beyond what is specified in the application, either. It can backfire instead of providing a competitive edge.

Another simple mistake that can cost a company the contract is when the proposal is submitted after the deadline. Insufficient postage can delay the arrival of a proposal, and delivering the proposal through a method that is at odds with that requested by the agency can also relegate the proposal to the dustbin. This will all reflect badly on the government contracts database.

Simple mistakes in the computation of costs can also doom a proposal to rejection. Submitting the wrong number of copies; submitting incomplete, invalid or irrelevant documents; incomplete signatures; and incomplete information are easily-overlooked errors that can cost a proposal a contract and an unimpressive government contracts database record.

Potential advantages

Companies will do well to use potential advantages at their disposal. For example, for some projects, a business owned by minority groups or women, or one that is localized and relatively small can have a competitive edge as provided for by government policy. If a company fits into any of these categories, it should take advantage of such a special opportunity as it will be favorably presented in the government contracts database.

Companies aiming for government contracts should also keep themselves updated of current political trends, issues and public policies and requisites. It is also worthwhile to seek the advice of key officials and analysts for any competitive advantage that can be gained from their insights. Inspiring confidence in decision-makers that a company is trustworthy can help gain a significant advantage, so long as the proper methods are employed. Registering in mailing and qualification lists is also worthwhile, as well as regular monitoring bid boards and bulletin boards over the web.

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