Knowledge in Government Proposal Writing as Weapon for Successful Government Procurement

RFQ writing contract proposalSummary: When it comes to government contracts, entrepreneurs should be able to determine the different types of federal government proposals along with the effective ways on how to write a government proposal.

Government procurement may be one of the most effective ways to make the investments return in multiple folds. In this kind of business venture, the government contract proposal becomes the backbone of the negotiations and bids.

There is always a must for the government proposals to be presented professionally, as these may make or break the success of contractors in government procurement proposals. Federal government procurement should be carefully formulated and contain all the necessary information needed by the government agencies. It is then important for the entrepreneurs to be well-rounded on how to write a government proposal.

More experienced tycoons would give advice as to how the government contracts should be written. They have to be free from grammatical and typographical errors with comprehensive information about the contractor, the company, products or services offered and price of the government contract.

Similarly, the contractors also need to know the different types of government contract proposals for them to discern the right opportunities that their companies can take for government procurement.

Three Types of Federal Government Proposals

1. Request for Proposal (RFP)

This type of government proposal is issued by a government agency that aims to purchase goods and/or services and publishes the specifications to the public. RFP-type of government contracts is done to call the attention of several companies that may be interested in making bids or negotiations. Note that the request for government proposal contains the specific information about what the agency is looking for from the suppliers. The bids will be evaluated based on the submitted government contracts, thus, it is important that contractors indicate why their company can meet the needs of the client when they go on with government proposal writing.

2. Invitation for Bid (IFB)

This is similar to the first type of government contract proposal but IFB is more inclined to getting sealed bids from prospect contractor. The recipients for the government proposals are specified along with details on the proposed items for purchases, instructions and preparations of bids, terms and conditions, and schedule for delivery and payment.

3. Request for Quotation (RFQ)

There is a little difference between IFB and RFQ as these two government contract proposals basically encourage the companies to make sealed bids. The RFQ, however, is formulated mainly to hire contractors to perform specific jobs for the agency who issued the government contract proposals.


It is always best for the contractors to get a sample government proposal following each of the type of government contract proposals in order for them to draw a clear difference between the three.

Writing the proposal of the contractors should come next after this step. Before the writing takes place however, the contractors should carefully consider the deadlines of proposal, language that needs to be used and format. To be safe, it is always helpful to have a sample government proposal at hand.


How to write government contracts

Before submitting a copy of the contract formulated by the contractors, the following do’s and don’ts of government proposal writing should be observed:


- Write a draft.

- Emphasize the company’s capability of meeting the expectations of the government

- Enumerate the concrete ways in which the company can meet the needs specified in the federal contract proposals


- Use marketing language that may mislead the government agency and build wrong impressions.

- Hold back in giving details about the company, product, etc.

- Leave sections blank

- Make an impression that the company is similar to those of the competitors’.

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  1. Make sure that your company meets the requirements for the bid and to win any contract use simple and understandable language.

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